Fine Arts & Prints

 It may sound like a cliché, however I have always had a passion for painting.  From a young age it was what made me tick, what concentrated my mind, what allowed me to depict the beauty in everyday life.  It was one of the constants in my childhood life that allowed me to loose myself in my work.  Academia and I had an up and down relationship, but painting was my most loved hobby. Because of this, Art College was the only way I wanted to go forward – so as the 00’s hit my love for painting allowed me to be accepted onto the Fine Art course at Plymouth College of Art and Design.  From there, I went onto study Illustration at Swindon College of Art and Design.  After college, I sold a few paintings to friends and family, however in the need to pay the rent, life just carried on and my Art was only a hobby.

  I found a career in Project Management which I truly enjoyed.  After meeting my husband, things took yet another turn and we have spent the past few years beyond busy with setting up and developing our own Family Butchers shop in Corsham, Wiltshire – as well as attempting to master the art of parenting. 

Now life has found a bit more of an even keel, I have finally found a bit of me time again – and on a bit of a whim, I found the time to dig out my old brushes and after whiling away an afternoon or two with my oils I have reignited my passion for painting. Working mostly with oil paint – although occasionally I swop to acrylics or sketch in pastels – I have rekindled my love in depicting the beauty in everyday life, taking inspiration from the surrounding town and countryside I live in.